About Marty

Award Winning Landscaper and Entrepreneur Green Industry Expert and Consultant


Marty is a special combination of a day-in and day-out working landscaper and a consultant, coach, teacher and guide in the Green Industry. When he helps other landscapers, it’s not from the perspective of “been there, done that” but he’s “still there, doing that.”

Marty is the President and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co., one of the Midwest’s most successful landscaping companies. Marty is also the President of Marty Grunder! Inc., a consulting company, which provides training, business guidance, and speaking services to Green Industry entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Canada. Marty has inspired clients and audiences with his practical advice, creative ideas and incredible enthusiasm since 1995.

Additionally, Marty is an author, speaker and noted authority on leadership, team building, sales and marketing, and professional and personal success. Marty has given more than 550 talks and has motivated audiences ranging from 20 to 9,000 people.

Helping Landscapers Grow in Their Business and in Their Life

Here’s the core of Marty’s contribution to the Green Industry and to landscapers: he has the credibility and confidence to point out where landscapers need to improve, yet he is always supportive and re-affirming in every aspect of their lives. He cares about improving the whole person.  People who work with Marty know, he’s 150% committed and will give until he’s worn out. Simply, Marty just may be the best in the country at leading and helping successful landscapers grow their endeavors to new heights.

Marty lives in the Dayton, Ohio area with his wife, Lisa, his three daughters and his son. He volunteers his time and treasure to numerous charitable organizations, particularly to foster entrepreneurship among the young.

  • 1968

    Marty Born in Dayton, Ohio

  • 1990

    Marty Graduates from the University of Dayton with a degree in Business Admin

  • 1993

    Marty moves into the current home of GLC

  • 1993

    Marty marries Lisa Lehman

  • 1994

    Emily Grunder is born

  • 1995

    Grunder Landscaping Co exceeds 1M in revenue for the first time

  • 1996

    Katie Grunder is born

  • 1998

    Lily Grunder is born

  • 2000

    Grant Grunder is born

  • 2001

    National and Statewide recognition

    Twice named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the State of Ohio by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

  • 2003


    Marty’s book, The Nine Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success, was named Business Book for the year at the Independent Book Awards in 2003. Currently working on two new books.

  • 2003


    Named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Midwest. By the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 1995

  • 2008

    President Bush

    President George W. Bush visits Marty Grunder’s home

  • 2008

    Green Industry Recognition

    His landscaping company has won numerous national awards for their efforts, including the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Eclipse Integrity Award. 2003 and 2008

  • 2013

    Local and National Professional Engagement

    A life-long active member of the Dayton community, Marty serves on the board of Park National Bank and the University of Dayton Business Advisory Council

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Testimonial I

"Marty Grunder was a hit with our attendees!...participants were excited to to put the ideas Marty shared with them into action...."

Mary Jo Ritt

Chicago, IL

Testimonial II

"I just got back from the GIE and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the presentation. I sat in two sessions and they were fantastic..."

Patrick Sutherland

Evergreen Landscaping
Johnson City, TN

Customers love what I have to say

"Thank you so much for participating as a featured speaker in last week's Leadership Summit. Your story is remarkable..."

Kathryn Groob

Paul Hemmer Companies
Fort Mitchell, KY

Testimonial III

"We have worked with Marty Grunder numerous times because he is a fantastic speaker. Marty had our audience's attention from beginning..."

Stephanie Teague

DUCTZ International
Ann Arbor, MI

Testimonial IV

About Marty

Marty’s mission is to help you achieve your mission by offering a variety of services to help you reach your business goals. His services deliver the edge you need to win in an increasingly competitive Green Industry. Marty has inspired clients and audiences with his practical advice, creative ideas and incredible enthusiasm since 1995.

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