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Slow down.

Landscape pros are super busy right now as we try like mad to finish the season on a high note. But nonstop work and worry can impede success rather than lead to it. Here Marty reminds us of the value in slowing down, taking stock, and sneaking a good nap.…

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Success leaves clues; so do strikeouts.

Recently my landscaping company lost out on a maintenance contract for a home owners association we had bid on. The homes in this association are beautiful, million-dollar properties and, it seems fair to assume, the owners are all invested—quite literally—in their appearance and upkeep. We were confident we had put together a proposal that would…

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Never stop learning.

The talk in my family these days is all about school. My wife, Lisa, and I are just back from getting two of our daughters set up for another year at college. Our son has just begun his junior year of high school. And Lisa has an energetic class of 26 new kindergartners to shepherd…

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