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Consulting Expertise Unique to the Green Industry

Break out of the world most landscapers live in. You know the one. It looks and feels like this:

  • Working without a plan or having a plan you don’t follow
  • Hoping sales come in
  • Jumping from crisis to crisis, spinning wheels
  • A constantly changing cast of characters due to high turnover
  • Not enough time with the family or for vacation
  • Stressed, over-worked, and just plain not healthy

Sound like your life at work and home? Maybe not all but some of these things might be true of your work and life. If you are looking to grow, would value an honest assessment, and are prepared to act, then an on-site consultation with Marty might be the best thing you will ever do for your business.

When Marty works with a landscaper, he makes recommendations based on his own success model at Grunder Landscaping Inc., his “personal laboratory” as he calls it. Because Marty is a working landscaper, he stays up to date on trends and techniques and offers the most relevant experience in today’s marketplace.

How to break-out, break-free, and give yourself a break

Marty Grunder is a Green Industry consultant providing expert training, experience sharing, and resources for Landscapers, Lawn Care Operators, and Green Industry Professionals.

Marty has performed onsite Business Improvement Plans or BIPs with over 100 Green Industry businesses, moving them to new heights using the experiences only a 30-year industry veteran could call upon. Additionally, he has helped another 500 landscapers using other forms of coaching that include phone, e-mail, ooVoo, private workshops, and client visits to Marty’s operations.

“Marty promised me a home run and delivered a Grand Slam!”
Roger Furrer
First Financial Bank, Dayton, OH

On-Site Assessment and Recommendations

Marty looks at your business from two vantage points: first, with the critical eye of an award winning landscaper and second, as if he were the owner of your company. He asks the tough questions: “How would I want to change and improve this business?” “What do I have to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing?”

A typical 2-day consultation with Marty includes:

  • 15 hours of discovery and fact-finding, enabling Marty to understand your business completely
  • A cultural audit that will show you where you have strengths to leverage and weaknesses to fix
  • A complete assessment of your sales, marketing, and operations
  • The development of detailed action plans for your landscaping business that will lay out exactly what you need to do to be successful.

Plans and Ideas that Work

Clients who work with Marty are relieved they finally have a plan in place and are energized about achieving even higher goals. They experience improved results or a complete turnaround after implementing Marty’s recommendations. Marty invites you to speak with his clients yourself. Only then will you grasp what is truly possible when you work with a consultant who has “been there and is doing that.” He has been where you’re trying to go and can show you innovative shortcuts to surprising success.

Just contact his office.

On-going Support Guarantees Success

Marty does not produce a report and disappear. He is there to help you execute the plan. If you get stuck—and it always happens—Marty is there to help you implement permanent change, not just temporary improvements.

Marty helps landscapers take their lives back and shows them how to develop and operate a business that runs without them and is capable of being sold, whether they want to do that or not. Why? Because the best businesses are the ones that run well without the owner there all the time. The most valuable and best run businesses are not reliant on just one person. The most attractive businesses run with a committed team of professionals working together to build success and value.

You must fill out a consultation questionnaire in detail to be considered to work with Marty. No exceptions. Once accepted, we look forward to working with you to grow your business.

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“I wanted to express my appreciation in working with our customers this week. You had a big impact-especially with the Columbia Group. Your message of creativity and embracing change resonate with the big players as well as the small ones.”
David McCormick
Dow AgroScience LLC., Rockville, VA

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