Marty Grunder is a multi-million dollar landscaper and leading Green Industry consultant.

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Offer Your Undivided Attention

20 Apr 2018 General Marty Grunder No comments

Everywhere you go and everywhere you look these days, you see people transfixed by their cell phones. You go to pay…

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Treat your subcontractors and vendors as partners.

09 Apr 2018 Great Ideas Vince Torchia No comments

As landscape pros we rely on a host of subcontractors and vendors to fulfill our clients’ needs, from mulch and…

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Every role matters.

02 Apr 2018 Great Ideas Marty Grunder No comments

Happy April! Where I live in Ohio, it’s felt like spring has taken forever and a day to get here.…

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Testimonial I

"Marty Grunder was a hit with our attendees!...participants were excited to to put the ideas Marty shared with them into action...."

Mary Jo Ritt

Chicago, IL

Testimonial II

"I just got back from the GIE and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the presentation. I sat in two sessions and they were fantastic..."

Patrick Sutherland

Evergreen Landscaping
Johnson City, TN

Customers love what I have to say

"Thank you so much for participating as a featured speaker in last week's Leadership Summit. Your story is remarkable..."

Kathryn Groob

Paul Hemmer Companies
Fort Mitchell, KY

Testimonial III

"We have worked with Marty Grunder numerous times because he is a fantastic speaker. Marty had our audience's attention from beginning..."

Stephanie Teague

DUCTZ International
Ann Arbor, MI

Testimonial IV

About Marty

Marty’s mission is to help you achieve your mission by offering a variety of services to help you reach your business goals. His services deliver the edge you need to win in an increasingly competitive Green Industry. Marty has inspired clients and audiences with his practical advice, creative ideas and incredible enthusiasm since 1995.

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