Happy New Year!

As we enter another year in the books and embark on a new one, it’s the perfect time to think about the possibilities 2009 brings. These Great Ideas are designed to be quick and to the point, so I’m just going to ask you one question and the question is this: How would the person…

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Enough is enough

Happy holidays from all of us at Marty Grunder! Inc. It’s at this time of year that we take a moment or two to give thanks for all that we have and to reflect on the year gone by. As many of you may already know, my family hosted President Bush at our home in…

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How do you market now?

Hello, I know that many of you are struggling. The economy is not in good shape and small business owners everywhere are working hard to survive and wait out this turmoil. One of the best things you can do right now is to market. Don’t go crazy; just do some things to keep your name…

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