People make the world go round

People make the world go round. The more people you know and consider friends, the better luck you have for success. So, it’s important to be interested in people, rather than trying to make yourself “interesting” for others. Today, the next time you see someone, be it an old friend or a new friend or…

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You Can Do It!

What do you mean we can’t get rid of those weeds in time? Then go over there and put some fancy signs with Latin names in front of them. Walt Disney How many times do you allow yourself to say something can’t be done? It’s very important, especially in today’s economy, that you foster an…

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Hello, my great idea for this week is to sign up for GROW!2009 in Dayton Ohio from February 26-28. This will be an annual event and it will replace the Boot Camps that I have held in the past. Much of the event will be similar to the Boot Camps, lots of motivation, lots of…

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