Technology Nightmares

We all get those e-mails from our family and friends that are sent to them by someone else. I rarely read that stuff because they take too much time. But Paul, in my office, sent me what is below and Paul doesn’t waste time. So, I read it and said, “Oh, my goodness” and felt…

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Where can your attitude take you today?

Recently one of my best friends sent me the video below. I actually took the time to watch it, during work hours. It’s 12 minutes long, so get comfortable, but it’s worth watching and sending to others. The video proves that while we all have challenges, our attitude enables us to see these challenges as…

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Door Hangers

This week’s great idea is a simple one, folks. Since most of you who receive this weekly great idea own service businesses, I wanted to tell you about something simple we do that helps sell work. We hang door hangers. I know, not a big deal, not terribly creative, but they work. Here’s a photo…

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