How is your customer service?

I am amazed at how bad customer service still is, even in this poor business environment. I see people who seem to be upset a lot at work and it is rubbing clients the wrong way and sending them elsewhere. And so, if you think about that, in terms of our businesses, that’s great for you and me.…

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Here’s Where I Stand

I’m growing increasingly concerned about what’s going on in our country. We are so worried about the feelings of a few; we’re suppressing the beliefs of millions. So this week I want you to watch and listen to a incredible video and song……

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Check out this book

This week I want to recommend a book; it’s titled People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It! by Larry Winget. He says what most of us are thinking so if you’re looking for a book that makes you think and helps you save and make money and get your head on straight, then all of his titles are worth picking up.…

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