My best students know that I often mention a Contact Management Software called GoldMine. I’ve used it since 1997 and I LOVE it; it is a very important part to our success. Smart companies know that their client/prospect list is one of the most valuable assets they have.…

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we all need to work on our ability to speak and command a group’s attention. Speaking is a craft we all should take seriously. Being an effective communicator is one of the best talents you can have. If you’re in sales (and we all are if you think about it), you are a speaker and should be looking for ways to improve. Check out these links and let us know what you think……

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Laugh…It Does A Body Good

If you worked at Grunder Landscaping Co. or you are a friend of mine, you know I like to have fun. I can’t tell you how many hours in the last year I have laughed talking with my friends Bill, Judd, John, and Mike, or my co-workers Amber, Paul, Joe, and Brent. My message this week is pretty simple. Take some time to laugh, take some time to have fun, take some time to slow down and enjoy some of the pleasures in life, like having fun with family and friends.…

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