Simon Says

Simon Bailey is a great friend of mine. He’s a very talented speaker and teacher from Orlando, Florida. Twice a year I get together with Simon and many other talented speakers and we help each other grow our businesses. I want to introduce all of them to you via my Great Ideas. I chose Simon first because I like him the most (just kidding, fellow ESNers). I chose him first because I felt like it!…

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Thank You!

My friend and client Fred Peratt, from outside of Washington, DC, sent me this beautiful article. It’s outstanding and I wanted you to have it. The message is a great one. How many of us don’t say thank you enough? …

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My Answer

Last week I wanted you to tell me: WHAT’S THE ONE PRIORITY THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR TEAM, THAT YOU WANT YOUR CLIENTS TO UNDERSTAND? Why did I want you to write it down? Putting it in writing legitimizes it and gives you something you can see and study and share……

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