Saying Thank You

It’s amazing how many people forget the power of a thank you. Recently, I sent a very large project to a vendor I have worked with and it’s been crickets (silence) ever since. Oh, maybe I’m being too sensitive but this is the third time I’m seen a lack of appreciation from this vendor.…

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Do you use Social Media?

We all wonder if Social Media is worth it or not. For Landscapers, I think it makes sense to be involved in it, but not to spend a lot of time and money on it. And until someone can prove to me the exact amount of business they can attribute to their Social Media efforts, I will continue to do a little bit of it at Grunder Landscaping Co. but not a lot of it.…

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How do you hire?

My friend Bruce Langos is the CCO of Teradata. Teradata is a leader in data storage with annual sales of close to 3B. At a recent lunch with Bruce, we were talking about hiring and he shared with me a plaque he had made for his office that details his feelings on talent.…

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