Subcontractor Luncheon

We do an annual Subcontractor Luncheon. We invite all the contractors we rely on, feed them and share a slideshow of the projects we completed in the prior year with their help. It’s a nice, simple way to build rapport with them and let them know we appreciate them. We have very good relationships with…

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Local Media

We are NOT giving up on finding people ladies and gentlemen, WE CAN DO IT. Thanks to our wonderful government, who for some reason thinks that running a business is evil, we abandoned the H-2B program this week after months of headaches. I could go on and on about all the issues we’ve had. If…

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Hello Everyone, Well, believe it or not Spring is right around the corner and for Landscape Professionals that means it’s time to get focused and get to work. This week I want to remind you of the importance of having goals. You should have some personal goals and you should have some company goals. Personally…

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