Know who your ideal team player is.

Scan any list of job postings and you’ll find two words over and over again: Regardless of the position advertised, nearly everyone is looking for a “team player.” The phrase is so common it’s become a cliché. Of course we’re all looking for team players. Of course we’re all looking to avoid self-involved jerks. The…

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Slow down.

Landscape pros are super busy right now as we try like mad to finish the season on a high note. But nonstop work and worry can impede success rather than lead to it. Here Marty reminds us of the value in slowing down, taking stock, and sneaking a good nap.…

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Success leaves clues; so do strikeouts.

Recently my landscaping company lost out on a maintenance contract for a home owners association we had bid on. The homes in this association are beautiful, million-dollar properties and, it seems fair to assume, the owners are all invested—quite literally—in their appearance and upkeep. We were confident we had put together a proposal that would…

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