Combine fun with a good cause.

We’ve all seen the difference having a strong team spirit can make to the success of a company. Employees see themselves as part of something bigger than themselves. They work together to solve problems and get the job done. They actually like the people they work with, which can make even the most taxing or…

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The first step is hiring right.

At one time or another, we’ve all encountered team members who seem to be phoning it in. They don’t do what we ask them to do, or they do it without energy or enthusiasm. They don’t follow through, or they procrastinate. They miss meetings, or they show up in person while mentally they seem to…

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Culture Is Key

There are lots of factors that go into succeeding in the landscaping business. You’ve got to deliver quality products and services. You’ve got to generate leads and close sales. You’ve got to keep your eye finely trained on the bottom line. But just as crucial as all these factors is your company culture—the beliefs and…

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