“All Planning is Good.”
– Dave Sullivan, Aileron

When I first heard Dave Sullivan say these words, I did not realize how true they were. Now, over 10 years after I first heard these words, I too can say that “all planning is good.”

So, this week, with the end of the year near, I want to encourage you to do some planning because “all planning is good.”

Now, why is all planning good? All planning is good because just the act of sitting down and thinking about where you want to go leads to improvement. Sit down and define where you are right now with your business and life. Think about that and put it in writing. Next, think about where you’d like to be next year in terms of your business and your life and write that down. Then, write down what you need to do to get there.

Don’t make it too difficult.

Your plan might look like this.

Current Reality

I run a company that does 750k a year in sales and I am making 80k a year. I have a nice family but we don’t spend enough time together. I don’t have enough saved for retirement and there also isn’t enough in the kids’ college fund.

2012 Desired Outcome

In 2012 I need to make 100k and spend more time with my family.

Steps I need to take to make 2012 Successful

  1. Sell 900k worth of profitable work
  2. Create and Implement a Marketing Plan
  3. Cut 10% in expenses.
  4. Take two family vacations, one in April and on in July; take a long weekend with my wife in September
  5. Create an HR plan that improves our hiring, training, and retaining

I could go on for days about this. Let’s just say this: All Planning is Good! Take some time to think about what you did well this year and what you need to improve and you too will find that “all planning is good.”

If you need some help, call us; we’ll discuss how we help entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. And, by all means, attend GROW! 2012 where we will talk about this in detail!

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