Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Sadly, these are not made up.

This is a copy of an actual help wanted ad that appeared in my local paper a couple of years ago. The ad tells me if you smoke pot or are on drugs, we’d love to hire you. Scary, to say the least, and an attorney’s dream ad.

This one is from my own mailbox at my house.

The mailman did not make a delivery because one of my crews was working at my house and had the mailbox blocked. It took him longer to write out this note than it would have to walk the 10 feet to the mailbox and put the mail in it. Yet the post office is spending money on marketing because companies like FedEx have taken business from them. To my buddy Mark Sanborn, who wrote one of the best, most successful business books of all time, about his mailman…..our mailman is no Fred! Buy Mark’s book The Fred Factor by clicking here:



And finally, from my soccer coaching guru Brett Thompson, he sent me this quote and it’s a fantastic one:

“When an average organization asks for something, they break out a calendar.
A good organization looks at their watch.”

– General Stanley McChrystal

Great organizations do not put want ads like the above one in the paper and they don’t operate like the post office, for the most part. And there are some good things that the post office does. They are completely committed to excellence and are often the optimist in the room, the one who sees what’s possible, not what could go wrong.

This week giggle a little but also continue to do what’s right and move forward on your dream!

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