The more I look around at successful businesses, the more I’m convinced it is a complete, energetic commitment to a goal that enables them to be successful. I could go on and on about this, but this is a Great Idea; it’s designed to be short, quick and to the point. So, I try to keep things short here.

Apple, as an example, continues to thrive in a down economy because of their commitment to innovation and providing tools that make life a little bit easier. I can promise you; they aren’t sitting around planning for a decline in sales. They are trying to find ways to grow sales they are committed to growing. My friend, Judd Powell, runs an extraordinary successful mulch and landscape supply business. He’s my neighbor; I speak to him a couple of times a week and he is “gung ho” about this year. He’s not investing foolishly on things; he’s staying somewhat conservative, but he’s committed to growing and thinking positively. Every time I speak to him, I see the energy and passion he has for his business. He is completely committed to success.

This week, I must ask you. How committed are you to a successful 2011? Have things gotten stale at your place? What would your best customer think if they walked in your office right now? What would they think if they overheard you talking to a friend at the local Starbucks? Would they be impressed with your positive, can-do attitude? Or would they think, “I need to find a new company to work with, those guys are done”?

Success has a lot more to do with your passionate focus than anything else. If you feel like you’ve lost your focus and need some help, call me. We can talk about the process I take small business owners through that helps them see the opportunities that are available and the steps one needs to take to achieve success.

PS Check out the website for information on the Sales & Marketing Symposium to be held in Dayton on March 24th and 25th. (Note: The dates for the event have changed due to a conflict.) This would be an excellent opportunity for your sales team to get some new ideas on selling for this season. The event is on Friday with an optional quick tour of Grunder Landscaping Co. on Thursday afternoon. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office and ask.

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