Are you in a slump? Many of us probably feel like we’ve been in a slump all season! 😉 I am an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal and recently this story appeared there, offering up advice on how you can get out of a slump. Please take a moment to read the article right now; it has a ton of very valuable advice.

Please tell me what you do to get out of the sales slumps you get in.


  1. Peter Wimberg Reply

    If I’m not selling enough of the calls coming into the office I’ll try to offer more than client requested. In other words, maybe they wanted the beds cleaned up for the fall but I’ll also offer our other services for leaf removal, mowing, snow, etc. Just like you have to send a lot of estimates to sell a lot of jobs I think that within the estimates you should offer not only various options on the clients original request but also offer things they didn’t consider.

    If we’re just not getting the calls, we’ll start doing property assessments with suggestions. Even if the client doesn’t buy what we’re suggesting they do quite often think of other things we could do for them. Staying in front of them with the assessments or emails or newsletters does bring in the calls.

  2. Jeff Behlmer Reply

    We have a bell in the office. Everytime someone closes a sale, the bell is rung. This way everyone can hear we are making progress towards our goal. It seems to pick you up when you hear the bell, even if you aren’t the one ringing it!

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