Are you looking for work?

Are you looking for work?

When others know you are always looking for new clients and when you are someone who sends referrals to others, it’s amazing what can happen for you. This note (link above), you might be surprised to hear, was handed to me in church by a friend, Jon who sells insurance and someone I have referred clients to. Yes, maybe you shouldn’t be doing this in church but you should be networking and you need to be someone who seeks out people who either know people you could work with or is someone who could work with you. How many opportunities are you missing by sitting back? By not aggressively looking for work? We could all improve here.

When someone sees you in church and hands you a note with a lead on it, that’s a pretty good sign; you have made it clear you’re always looking for new clients. So, let me close by asking you to attend one of my field trips or my big event in February, GROW! 2011! I want your business!

Leads come from all kinds of places.

I hope all of you enjoy Labor Day and take some time to say thanks to all those who work so hard to make our country work! I thank you; you’re one of those people!

ATTENTION: To all of you who are not too far from Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Marty will be speaking at the 6th Annual Michigan Snow Conference and Expo on Thursday, September 16th at 8:30 am. Click here to view the schedule and get the registration form. Marty would love to see you in Novi.

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