Are You Meeting New People?

Are You Meeting New People?

Winter is fast approaching so it’s time to sit back, sleep in, and wait for spring, right? WRONG! Forward thinking companies know that there is no slow time in business. They know that the only way you win in business is to be constantly committed to winning, committed to getting better, and always moving forward. I truly believe that our season is set up by what we do in the winter.

This week, I want you to look at how much networking you are doing and put forth some effort towards finding some new clients. 

How many people are you meeting on a weekly basis that could use your services? Do you belong to any local organizations or clubs? If you aren’t putting yourself in a position to meet people you’re missing a big opportunity to grow your business. Now is the time to do this, not in the spring. 

While it is very important to look for new clients, don’t do it at the expense of taking care of the current clients you have. Make sure you are talking to them and make sure you are showing them everything you can do for them. I have been able to turn little clean-up clients into clients who have had us re-landscape their whole property. We are their landscaper “for life,” or at least we hope we are! Just remember, Always Be Selling. 

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