Are you on Facebook?

Are you on Facebook?

Marty’s on Facebook? Really?

Yep, I am. I can’t believe it myself but I am. I was told I needed to do this and I only did it so I could keep an eye on my 15-year-old daughter’s Facebook page and boy, am I glad I did. I have already sold one landscaping job from the relationships I have made on Facebook in the last couple of months and I have been able to connect with many of my professional speaking buddies who refer me work and give me great ideas.

Now that I understand what social networking is, I can totally see where this is going and I can promise you, it’s not the only way to market, but you need to have a presence. Watch for more information in the future from me on this topic.

For now, my great idea is to get a Facebook page for yourself and/or your company and start making friends. It’s easy and it’s worth it. And make sure you send me a friend request!

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  1. Scott Wylie Reply

    I got on Face book a couple of month ago… I should change my profile pix now..(Ted Nugent)…but most friends/contacts know me as wildly artsy anyway and it has proved to be a worth while way of connecting and re-connecting with others… I love it and am becoming addicted!

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