Are you serious about your business or not?

Are you serious about your business or not?

Good business owners understand the importance of conducting background checks and performing drug testing as a condition of pre-employment. We’ve been doing it at Grunder Landscaping Co. for years. No, it’s not cheap, but what’s the cost of bringing a problem into your organization? Answer? A ton.

Here’s a quick story. Several years ago a client of mine had hired an individual and did not investigate his past. He worked a week for the company and disappeared along with the company uniform shirts and hat. One month later, this person, who happened to be a serial criminal, was captured through a massive manhunt after he went on another crime spree. As he was led off by several US Marshals, the cameras were rolling, focusing very clearly on the company name and logo on the hat and shirt he wore. As you know, I’m all for publicity, but not this kind.

This week, look into what it would cost to conduct drug testing and background checks and what it might cost if you don’t. And think about the other things smart business owners do to protect their reputation.

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