Attention to Details?

Attention to Details?

This photo was sent to me by my friend Dave.

A photo of a starbucks truck

Details. details … Placement is also important with your branding!

I know it makes you chuckle but it should also make you think.

Attention to details is something we harp on all the time at Grunder Landscaping Company. It’s the attention to those details that separates us from the “other” Landscapers in our marketplace. How we dress, how we drive, how considerate we are, how well thought out our plans are for Hardscapes and Landscapes, how we are at grammar and spelling on letters and proposals and so on, they all speak to the type of culture and company we have here.

So, this week, give thought to the attention you pay to details and don’t end up like Starbucks did and giving someone license to say they suck! And I don’t think they do; I like Starbucks.


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