Attention to Details

Attention to Details

As a landscaper, I know that one of the things that separates my company from the competition is our attention to details. It’s little things like rolling up garden hoses, taking up the trash cans, removing tags from plants we install, sweeping up the street really well, pruning the dead out of plants, and the like, that make us better. In every industry the ones that get ahead are constantly looking for the little things that make a big difference.

This week look around and make sure you aren’t missing some details. Here are 10 things I have noticed at businesses that weren’t done that leave me wondering what else isn’t done.

  1. A clock in the terminal at the New Orleans Airport is 77 minutes slow. Isn’t it important that clocks in an airport be correct? Wonder what else they slack on?
  2. The glass doors to a fine restaurant I went to were filthy. Wonder what else is dirty?
  3. The man that came to the office to do some cleaning stunk and was dressed poorly. Wonder what else he doesn’t care about?
  4. The spokesperson for my home airport is so bad on the radio it’s embarrassing. Wonder what else the airport, one of the first things visitors come in contact with, doesn’t care about?
  5. I knew more about an SUV I wanted to buy my wife than the salesman! How can that be and who hired that guy without training him?
  6. The waitress at a golf club I belong to never heard of a drink called an “Arnold Palmer.” Some of you won’t know why this is funny; others will be howling laughing.
  7. The taxis in almost every city in America are dirty, worn out, and smell. Yet, what’s the first thing many visitors see? What would a clean, nice smelling taxi do for a city trying to set a good first impression?
  8. A physician I go to continues to have me in their database as Mark. I’ve told them my name is Marty so many times; now I just call in and say it’s Mark. How does this happen?
  9. The large chain grocery store by me allows their employees to park by the front door. Why? Aren’t they in business to serve the client? Don’t they want to make things more convenient to the customer?
  10. And this is my all-time favorite. A sign company in my hometown has had a broken, run down sign out in front of their business for over 3 years. Guess they don’t think it matters to practice what you preach.

Look, we all get in a rut, and we need to be reminded that things need to be upgraded. This weekend, take a walk around and look at what your customers see at your place of business and make sure you are paying attention to details. If you really want to improve, have a friend or customer with a discerning eye come over and make some recommendations. Attention to detail is something we all need to focus on, including me.

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