Recruitment Tactics That Work

Most of us have found ourselves in this situation at one time or another: You have a full slate of jobs lined up and not enough people on your crews to do them. In a state of panic, you look past the serious doubts you have about an applicant and hire them anyway. It rarely…

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“Progress Is Finding Solutions”

Every other Friday at Grunder Landscaping, I shoot a quick video to share with my team. It’s an easy but effective way for me to check in with my staff, to recognize and celebrate their promotions, anniversaries, and contributions, and to keep them connected to the bigger picture for our company and the vital role…

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Don’t Let the Heat Get to You

With July here, every landscaping business owner I know is incredibly busy right now. Our schedules are packed from morning to night, and we’re rushing to get everything done we need to do to ensure we meet our revenue and production goals. Factor in the hot summer sun—and the “heat dome” that weather forecasters have…

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