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Make Friends, Make Sales

At Grunder Landscaping Company we are very, very busy. When you are busy, it’s easy to not think about the future. I have tons and tons of work for the next 3 to 4 months, but I must not let all this work allow me to forget about September, October and beyond. So, this week…

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What Do You Expect?

One of my favorite sayings is: “When you do nothing, expect nothing.” I don’t know that there is a more true statement in life than that one. When you sit on the sidelines and watch things happen, you get passed by. Activity moves things forward; sitting around does nothing.  If you’re not happy with where you are right…

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Ariens Company – Core Values

We are so proud to be associated with the Ariens Company. I am always impressed by their clarity of purpose and the importance they place in their Core Values. Core Values have guided the Ariens Company throughout its history. In 1998, Dan Ariens took on the task of defining those values. These are the beliefs that…

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