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Change is a good thing

Change is a good thing. It’s just we often don’t see it that way. Take a minute to read through these tips designed to help you cope with change. I read them in the inter-company newsletter sent out by the bank where I’m a board member. These may seem basic, but are vitally important in…

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What do you drive?

I recently received the following photo and note from Todd Pugh, a mega-successful landscaper and inventor and purveyor of the Mulch Mule. Here’s what Todd reported to me: Marty, Thought you might enjoy my new ride. I picked up the idea from Nanak’s. I am currently averaging 48.5 MPG. I have a little over 3000…

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One of my favorite thinkers is Dr. Larry Schweikart. He was a history professor of mine at the University of Dayton and still teaches there and is the author of many best selling books. From time to time he sends out some comments or some thoughts. Recently, he was doing some research on happiness, of…

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