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Sales Quiz

Sometimes a little self-assessment is time well spent. Please take a few moments and take this test I found in Selling Power a couple years ago. I believe you will find it helps you see some things you might be able to work on. I give it to my salespeople once a year and ask…

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How much do you spend?

How much money do you spend a year with your attorney? Your accountant? What about the vendor that you spend the most with? Do you do work for them? Do they know people you could get as clients? I’m not a big fan of making it mandatory for anyone with whom I spend money to…

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People make the world go round

People make the world go round. The more people you know and consider friends, the better luck you have for success. So, it’s important to be interested in people, rather than trying to make yourself “interesting” for others. Today, the next time you see someone, be it an old friend or a new friend or…

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