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Are you serious about your business or not?

Good business owners understand the importance of conducting background checks and performing drug testing as a condition of pre-employment. We’ve been doing it at Grunder Landscaping Co. for years. No, it’s not cheap, but what’s the cost of bringing a problem into your organization? Answer? A ton. Here’s a quick story. Several years ago a…

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How are your vendors and suppliers?

A while back I had to tell a vendor of ours that we were no longer going to work with them. My whole team had become increasingly irritated at the owner’s know-it-all attitude, insults, and reluctance to listen to us. The funny thing is, they did a decent job on their core service, but everything…

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New York Times Article

Hello, it would be rare for me to forward something from The New York Times, but that’s exactly what I am going to do today. Please read some very interesting comments from a very smart man, Warren Buffett. No one knows what the future may entail, but he just might be right. I missed the…

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