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Hello, this week’s great idea comes from an article I recently read in The Wall Street Journal on Toyota. Please click here and read it; it is very interesting to me. The attitudes of the folks that work for Toyota seem to be superior to that of the Detroit-based groups. Read the last line of…

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Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

Some miscellaneous thoughts from 33,000′ on my way to another speaking engagement There’s a lot going on right now. We have a rather exciting election underway. Both sides are doing all they can to sell their agenda to the American public. Watch how people do things and watch how the public reacts. I think you…

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An Election Theme

This year’s presidential election is shaping up to be quite a battle. It’s fascinating, to say the least. I can tell you I’m going to have a lot of fun the rest of the year marketing, using an election theme. So, my great idea this week is for you to do the same. Why can’t…

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