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How is your health?

Hey. Each week I try to bring you something quick to help you win at the game of business and life. This week, I’m asking how is your health? I am by no means an expert on fitness or nutrition. But I am an example of how much more productive you can be if you…

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Good news or bad news?

Everywhere you go, it seems the news is bad. I am constantly on the lookout for good news and I’ve found plenty of it right in the paper with the bad news. Recently while reading my beloved Wall Street Journal, I came across a very cool story about a restaurant doing things a little bit…

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Wasted Time

Hello, how many times in the last month have you wasted time? Of all the things money can’t buy, time and your health are two things that, for the most part, you can’t buy. So, it’s critically important that you be organized and use your time wisely. I could write for hours about things you…

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