Bob Evans – Customer Service Update

Bob Evans – Customer Service Update

A few weeks ago, I told the story of me going to Bob Evans for breakfast and even though they said they were going to open at 6:00 am, they were not even open at 6:13 am. One of our loyal followers, John Cross from Florida, sent my Great Idea on to Bob Evans corporate and sent us a gift certificate for breakfast.

Bob Evans Response

Thanks for doing that John and while it would have been better if Bob Evans was just open at 6:00 am, like they said they would be (and then they would not have to send gift certificates like this), it was a nice gesture on their part. Another good lesson to learn from them is that you always apologize and don’t make excuses. This will get me to try them again. 

So, this week, what can you do to NOT have to spend time and money trying to “win back” lost clients? And if you do mess up, what’s your plan? Most people understand mistakes happen. The challenge is to not make the same mistakes twice…you do that and you’re dead.
Have a GREAT week. 

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