Buffalo and Geese

Buffalo and Geese

One of the neat things about sending out this Great Idea is the great ideas I get from all of you. Recently, Kyle, from Stafford, Texas, sent me an e-mail. I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you this week. So here goes:


I have listened to some of your teleseminars as well as read 9 Simple Steps and love getting your Monday morning idea sheets. I spent the last several days in Colorado vacationing and heard an analogy that I thought you would like. You may already be familiar with it.

After seeing some Buffalo in a pasture, a gentleman asked me if I knew the difference between Buffalo and Geese. Kind of a strange question. He then explained that although both travel in large groups, the way the herd and gander are run is very different. He explained that the reason buffalo were so easily killed in the masses was because if you shoot the lead buffalo, the whole herd stops in confusion and doesn’t know what to do next. The geese on the other hand also have a lead goose, but if you shoot the lead goose, a trailing goose immediately takes the lead.

Then he asked if my company was a herd of buffalo or a gander of geese. Really is an interesting way of looking at each individual company and the true internal strength that we are creating within our employees. Interesting time to ask as well and made me hope that I had left a gander of geese back at home while I was away. Kyle

Thanks, Kyle! Great point. We all hope to have organizations where one person can fall back, leave, or just be away for a week and things still get done. If you like the sounds of this analogy shared with us this week by Kyle, pick up Flight of the Buffalo by James A. Belasco and Ralph C. Stayer; it’s an excellent book that will go into great detail on the very concept that Kyle is talking about. Have a great week!

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