Here is a really good column by Patrick Lencioni. It talks about the benefits of admitting to a mistake or admitting your team or company has not performed well. Please read it right now and then come back to here.

When I saw the commercial, I said to myself, “Wow! A company that admits they’ve just been okay, not great.” I hadn’t bought a Domino’s Pizza in years so we tried one. It was okay, still nothing like my favorite pizza which is Dewey’s Pizza, another amazing company in which my buddy’s little brother is part owner. So in a sense I was let down. I’ll try another Domino’s sometime soon but to me even though Lencioni makes a good point, Domino’s was just more “lip service,” another pizza franchise with a claim that really isn’t backed up in the delivery. I still think the Domino’s I had back in the 80s is way better than anything they have right now. What do you think? Am I being too hard on them or am I right on the money?

I think when you market in today’s world you have to make sure you deliver something that is fantastic, not just “okay.” Okay works but it doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t cause your clients to tell others about your company and that’s what we all need and want, isn’t it? This week, read your own marketing: are you really good or just okay? Is what your marketing says goes on at your company really what goes on?

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