Can You Handle Honesty?

Can You Handle Honesty?

As I write this Great Idea, I am returning from New Orleans, where I had my ACE meeting. ACE stands for Accountability Creates Excellence and that’s exactly what we are doing. I have several amazing landscapers who have been bonding over the last few years; they are doing things with their businesses that surprise me. We spent a lot of time critiquing one of our members’ operations and that’s not an easy thing to take. Someone comes in and tells you what’s wrong (and right) with your business. But true improvement only comes when we get honest feedback. Honest feedback is something we should all pray for. I find myself being less concerned with people hurting my feelings and more concerned with getting better.

Candor is defined as: the quality of being fair and unprejudiced; impartiality; sharp honesty or frankness in expressing oneself. I believe we’d all be better off practicing candor with our friends, family, and business associates. And I know if you are the recipient of candor, you’ll grow your business and your skill set.

This week seek out someone who is a “straight shooter” and let them tell you what they really think.

So to my ACE buddies: Lee, CD, Matt, Benton, Ryan, Kramer, Joey, Slim, JJ, Dave, Paulie, Joe, Jay, and the newbies, thanks for being so honest with one another. You helped all of us and no feelings were hurt in the process. And to my buddy Mike: thanks for being so honest with me; you have no idea what your blunt comments do for me and my business. Finally, to my wife….Lisa, thanks for being honest with me and telling me that black and blue is a bruise and I shouldn’t wear them together, although I’m still not sure of that one.

This week think about how much candor you have in your life and try to find some more.

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