Joe CallowayHey, Joe Calloway here, filling in for Marty Grunder while he’s on vacation. Good for Marty for taking his family out of town and relaxing. I sure enjoyed meeting many of you at GROW! 2011; I’ll see you there next year. Marty asked me to share some thoughts with you this week while he’s sitting in the sun.

How many landscapers have their companies organized enough to take a family vacation at the busiest time of the year? There are lots of principles to good organization, but I want you to think about just one: does everyone know the “why”? Effective leaders build on a foundation of everyone knowing what’s important, what our values are, and why we do what we do. Reinforcing the vision and the values should be a continuous process that you do every single day. That’s where you get “buy in” from employees—on the “why” level. Then you can be like Marty—take a break, and go to the beach!!

PS – Don’t forget about the 2011 webinars with the first one this week on Thursday at 4 pm, EDT, for Sales & Marketing Strategies. Sign up today!

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