Great Ideas

Always keep learning and growing.

Last week Frank Mariani, of Mariani Landscape in Chicago, and I headed down to Atlanta for this year’s Excellent Adventure. We spent a day and a half with Jim McCutcheon’s amazing team at HighGrove Partners, where we learned what they’ve done to become one of the most successful commercial landscape companies in the country. We…

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Equip your crews for maximum efficiency.

There’s a lot that goes into running an efficient landscaping operation. A motivated, well-trained team. Systems that save time. A culture of accountability. Measuring the right performance indicators, and then using those metrics to drive results. Equipment plays a role too. At Grunder Landscaping Co., we’ve seen this firsthand. Recently we acquired four of Vermeer’s…

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Follow the 5/10 Rule to Success

My MGI colleague Jim Cali is a master of tactics, always at the ready with a fresh approach to the kinds of organizational problems that vex us all. In this video Jim shares with us the 5/10 Rule, a straightforward standard that’s easy to implement but that can have a profound effect on how you…

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