Great Ideas

Wasted Time

Hello, how many times in the last month have you wasted time? Of all the things money can’t buy, time and your health are two things that, for the most part, you can’t buy. So, it’s critically important that you be organized and use your time wisely. I could write for hours about things you…

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What do you take for Grant-ed?

Last Monday I left for work around 7:00 am. Normally, none of my kids are downstairs; they are just getting up. My wife makes their lunches and gets them breakfast to get their day started off right. (I am fortunate to have such a great wife and the kids are lucky to have such a…

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Never Give Up

For the last 4 years I have had a small article from Selling Power magazine on my desk. I frequently look at it when I am on the phone. I thought there were a ton of Great Ideas in it and wanted to share it with you this week. Never Give Up “I gave up…

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