Great Ideas

Leadership Gold

I have a really great idea for you this week, and it’s quick and easy. Click here and buy Dr. John Maxwell’s latest book Leadership Gold. A group of my clients and I recently experienced the thrill of a lifetime as Dr. Maxwell spent 4 hours with us teaching his 5 levels of leadership. I…

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I know many of you who receive this weekly e-mail sell something, so this week I wanted to give you a tip that might help you sell more successfully. Many times, all that is holding the prospect back from making a decision is trust. From time to time we all worry about doing business with…

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Change is a good thing

Change is a good thing. It’s just we often don’t see it that way. Take a minute to read through these tips designed to help you cope with change. I read them in the inter-company newsletter sent out by the bank where I’m a board member. These may seem basic, but are vitally important in…

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