Great Ideas

Show Them You Care

Sometimes I find small business owners are frustrated as to why their team seemingly doesn’t “care” about the tasks at hand. We find ourselves wondering why our people don’t seem excited about their work. There are many potential reasons for this. One of which is that you, as the leader of your group, have not…

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The Dos and Don’ts of E-mail

I am amazed at what our culture uses e-mail for today. We use it for all types of good things, like keeping in touch in family, following up with clients, and even helping get important information out quickly. However, we also use it to create a lot of problems. This week I want to share…

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Is this your recession?

In 1990, shortly after Tom MacLeod took over as President of Iams, the mega-successful pet food company, he was faced with a dilemma–that being the company had a plan for the year that called for growth. However, the economy seemingly wasn’t cooperating and there was a lot of negativity around. He did something to make…

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