Great Ideas

Do you ever lose clients?

My great idea for the week is a marketing idea. I want you to send the following letter with a boomerang to every client you have lost in the last two years. PLEASE COME BACK! Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hello. I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well in 2008. Last year…

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Send your clients a letter

This week I want you to consider using the following letter I just sent to my clients last week. I had to make some comments on the fuel surcharges and I wanted to thank my clients by doing something small like sending them some stamps. Stamps!? Guess you’ll have to read the letter to figure…

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Think Positively!

This week’s Great Idea comes all the way from China.As you may or may not know, my book The 9 Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success is printed in three languages; one of them is Chinese. Over a year ago, I received a very uplifting message from Qiqi, a young Chinese student who bought my…

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