Great Ideas

Common Sense

Common Sense is not so common. Voltaire (1694-1778) Oh, how true that statement is. The destruction in the San Diego fires left all of us feeling badly for those poor folks who lost their homes. Thank goodness not too many people perished in this disaster. Sometimes a business does have a lot of common sense,…

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The Upcoming Spring

As you may know, I live in Ohio and we’ve had a long, cold, wet, and snowy winter, and I’m sick of it. I cannot recall a spring that I have anticipated more than I have this upcoming one. This week, why don’t you think about a way you could get your team excited for…

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Great Salespeople Listen

Great salespeople listen twice as much as they talk. Great salespeople also learn how to ask questions. When you want information, ask open-ended questions, such as: Tell me about (your project, your problems, your needs). Why did you call us? What is your biggest problem? What does a win look like? Here are some questions…

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