Great Ideas

Say Thank You

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week, but then the days and weeks have a way of flying by when you’re working hard. I hope you all have plans to spend some time away from the office this week and celebrate the holiday with family and friends. Before you do that though, take…

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When you give back, you get back.

With the end of the year fast approaching, most of us are setting up our budgets for 2018 and weighing what to invest in and what to cut back on. At my landscaping company, one area we’re taking a good hard look at is where we’re spending our philanthropic dollars. Not because we plan on…

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Selling is a sly art.

Unlike virtually every other facet of your business, the more effort you expend toward sales, the more you may find your numbers plummeting rather than rising. What I mean is that incessantly pursuing leads, pounding your prospects with offers, and always trying to upsell your clients to bigger and better products and services can really…

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