Two weeks ago, we had a great group in here for our Field Trip event.  I taught these 17 professionals the concept of “pushing things down.” What I mean by this is for the leader of the organization to be delegating things to others. For one, if you keep doing everything yourself, you’re never going…

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Core Values

Identifying your Core Values is essential to having a successful company. Core Values are the foundation of a company’s culture. They are the beliefs, the behaviors, the philosophies upon which all decisions are based. Here’s our Core Values: The Grunder Landscaping Company is guided by four core values which create a framework for decision making.  1.Quality We…

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What’s Important At Your Company?

What does a clean truck or clean place of business say about your company? Answer: A LOT! One of the silent ways to teach your team what’s important is to keep things clean. A clean office (office here meaning your entire facility) says a lot about what’s important to you and your team. A clean truck also…

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