Taking Care of your Clients

How good are you at taking care of your clients? What do people think when they contact your company on the phone? Take this test and be honest with yourself; no one will know your answers but you! Do you return calls from clients or prospects first? Do you fight hard for your client’s rights and always…

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People Make the World Go Round

The more people you know and consider friends, the better luck you have for success. So, it’s important to be interested in people, rather than trying to make yourself “interesting” for others. Today, the next time you see someone, be it a friend or a new friend or a co-worker or client, say something that is sincere…

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The Coach has a Coach

I work with entrepreneurs doing the very thing that my coach Ed Eppley does for me. I owe him a lot. I have worked with him for over 10 years now and have learned a ton from him. Here’s a story from the New York Times that talks about the multi-talented Ed Eppley working with the…

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