Change is a good thing

Change is a good thing

Change is a good thing. It’s just we often don’t see it that way.

Take a minute to read through these tips designed to help you cope with change. I read them in the inter-company newsletter sent out by the bank where I’m a board member. These may seem basic, but are vitally important in helping make change a more positive experience and I wanted to share them with all of you. Here we go:

  • Develop support relationships at work and home. People with friends they can rely on during stressful times experience fewer negative effects of the stress change can bring. They also remain healthier, are more successful and live longer.
  • Examine your work environment. If you can, change what you don’t like about your work environment or accept what you can’t change.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, get enough rest. Take time to relax with friends and family. Enjoy your hobbies. Listen to your body.
  • Build self-esteem. There is only one you. You have special talents and interests. List what you like about yourself and note your special talents. Also, list what you appreciate about family and friends. Tell them and make them feel good, too.
  • Be open and flexible. Knowing that change can happen at any time helps you accept and adjust when it occurs. Most people are eager to settle into comfortable routines. Realize that your present routine may only be temporary.
  • Keep your “sunny side” up. The old song went something like, “Accent the positive and eliminate the negative. Keep on the sunny side of life.” A positive attitude helps you feel good about yourself, goes a long way toward improving your health and helps you deal with changes that come along.
  • Take control of your life. What can you do now that will help you cope with the changes in your life? Make a list of options. What are the positive and negative outcomes of each choice? Practice finding the good in each of life’s changes. It’s not what happens to you that causes you to be happy or unhappy; it’s how you react to what happens. Your reaction governs the outcome. Take charge of your thoughts and actions.
  • Use resources available to you. Resources include self-help publications, support groups, friends, money, loving family members, special talents, good health, time and a positive attitude. All of these resources and more can help when you’re facing a change. Learn to recognize and use them.

Dealing with Change, by Gale Loeffler, Colorado State University Extension, Arapahoe County

I hope you’ll be open to change going forward; it makes a big difference. Embrace change, my friends! Talk to you next week! Click here to learn more about my teleseminars…an easy way to learn from the comfort of your office, home, car, or even the bathroom!

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