Check out this book

Check out this book

Larry Winget's bookThis week I want to recommend a book; it’s titled People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It! by Larry Winget.

You can purchase the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Book Sense. Larry is a professional speaker and author; learn more about Larry on his website.

He is a frequent contributor to Fox News and is on TV a couple times a month on other channels offering up sound advice. I know Larry and he’s someone who speaks his mind. He has several books; they are all worth reading.

He says what most of us are thinking so if you’re looking for a book that makes you think and helps you save and make money and get your head on straight, then all of his titles are worth picking up. I loved this one. Also, if you are on Facebook, sign up to his fan page. He has some of the best postings you’ll ever see. I hope to have Larry on a webinar with me someday soon. We’ll see what happens.

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