Clean Vehicles

Clean Vehicles

If you were to go out to your car, van or truck right now, how would it look?  Is it dusty and dirty or muddy?  Do you have a lot of junk in the passenger seat or back seat or bed of the truck?  Does it have your logo on it?  If it does, are you proud of how it looks?  Does it present the image you would like to present to your clients, prospects and peers?  How about the other vehicles from your company?  How do they look?

Yes, I know, in the green industry we have vehicles that get a lot of everyday dirt.  But the question is – how often do you clean it up, inside and out?  I am already assuming that the outside looks presentable in terms of the paint job and body damage.

I’ve talked about every person in your company being a salesperson.  Along the same line, every vehicle that leaves your parking lot or driveway, especially if it shows your company name or logo, is a selling tool.  How well do your company vehicles assist in selling your products and services?

I do realize that summer is the busiest time for green industry companies (and many other companies).  It’s hard to take time or make time to clean up your vehicles and those of your team leaders.  So how about bringing in someone else to clean your trucks, trailers and Bobcats?  During the busy months we schedule a local company to come in every two weeks to wash the vehicles.  It is certainly more cost effective than taking time away from other duties of your team members.  In the meantime, if the directors and sales team who drive their vehicles home want to get their vehicles washed, we pay for that expense too.  I’d rather pay a few dollars for the car wash than see our Grunder green trucks going out in our community looking all dirty and muddy.  And some of those same people will wash their trucks when they have the time.  In the winter the team members will wash and wax all of the vehicles through the season to get them ready for spring.

So I want you to go out to your truck right now and take a good look at it!  Does it sell your company or does it kill sales for your company?

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