Common Sense

Common Sense

Common Sense is not so common.
Voltaire (1694-1778)

Oh, how true that statement is. The destruction in the San Diego fires left all of us feeling badly for those poor folks who lost their homes. Thank goodness not too many people perished in this disaster. Sometimes a business does have a lot of common sense, common sense like the actions displayed by the Doubletree Hotel in Anaheim, California.

Doubletree is owned by Hilton Hotels and Hilton was within weeks of implementing a company-wide pet friendly policy. With so many people being displaced from their homes, they implemented the policy 3 weeks early and let the guests arriving in droves from San Diego bring their pets in. Reportedly, the hotel looked like there was a dog show going on. Not only did they allow dogs to come in, but they also gave folks coming there a break on the price as well. That’s a big old dose of common sense right there. However, I must say this is rare in today’s business.

In the past month I could not get served a meal 3 blocks from a high school football stadium because they did not have enough help. The owner of the restaurant seemed surprised that all these people had shown up after the biggest game of the year. Where’s the common sense there? At a country club I used to belong to I ordered my kids hot dogs. When we asked for ketchup, we were told they were out and had been out since yesterday, and the truck wouldn’t be there till the next morning. When I reminded them there was a large grocery store less than a mile away where they could get ketchup, they responded, “I’ll tell my manager that.” And finally, last year after I had taken my wife’s truck in for service, I heard a rattle under the hood, so I pulled over to take a look. When I opened up the hood, I was amazed to find a pair of pliers, an oily rag and the work order for the work. Guess someone was in a hurry to go home. Just like Voltaire said, common sense is not so common.

This week look around your office; think about how you’re treating you clients. If you look hard enough, you’ll find something. Our front lobby at Grunder Landscaping doesn’t look so good and it’s the first thing clients, prospects, and potential new hires see. I’ve called my interior decorator Marlene and she is on her way to getting our lobby looking good. Common sense should have told me not to allow this important area of our office to be neglected, but it didn’t happen that way. Common sense is not so common.

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