Competing on Price

Competing on Price

Of all the questions I get asked, the one I get asked the most is: How can I get the job even if my price is higher?

For starters, it is a big mistake to say, “I lost that job because our price was too high.” Why? What do you learn if you assume that is the reason you did not get the job? I feel you learn nothing from accepting that as the reason. If you accept that your price was too high and that’s just the way it is, all you can do to improve is lower your price to combat that issue. Sure, you could figure out a way to be more efficient; you could cut costs by using cheaper materials and the like and, to be blunt, there’s not a landscape pro in America that can’t find a way to lower their costs and be more competitive. That should be a daily quest. It should be a SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, to look for new and better ways to do business. It shouldn’t be a revelation you get one day and just arbitrarily lower your price.

A better answer to losing a job to price is to say, “I must not have fully communicated the value I bring to the table and that’s why I lost the job.” Smart Green Industry Sales Professionals know, first and foremost, clients do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust. As I often say, when you “make friends, you make sales.” That’s what relationship selling is all about. But those relationships are kept rock solid by a daily dose of value.

The foundation to winning a job is to deliver exactly what the client wants on your proposal and the only way you can find out what that is is by asking them what they want at the initial visit. 

Screen your leads, educate your prospects, and come up with a plan that will touch on their needs. Do this and success will find you.

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