Unfortunately, I have had each of my 3 cars in the body shop in the last year. None of the accidents were our fault. Unless you call crashing into a Flying Chalk Board with my pal Joe Calloway in the car my fault. As Joe said in his southern drawl, right after it happened, “Man, we’re lucky to be alive.” Anyway, my last trip to the body shop was with my wife’s brand new truck that was run into by a landscaper yep, a landscaper. Can’t make this stuff up. While there I took a photo of this sign placed on the TV:

Now, I know they need to get a professionally-made sign. But this body shop I use is excellent. It’s the Beau Townsend Body Shop in Vandalia, Ohio. Neil up there runs a great show. He is conscientious, polite and, best of all, does great work. We won’t take our vehicles anywhere else.

My Great Idea this week is to make sure you are doing the little things right for your customers too. It might not seem like a big deal but at a body shop the waiting room can be a busy place and you can make a few more friends by just switching the TV station to what the client wants, not what you want.

At the place where I took my son to get his haircut one time, the lady cutting his hair wouldn’t switch to the Notre Dame game; she was watching the Ohio State game. Sheeesh….who’s paying the bill? At Kroger’s, a grocery in my hometown, I have observed the employees parking by the front door, eliminating those spots for the customer. And I recently walked into a pharmacy at 8:55 pm, not even sure which one it was, it wasn’t Walgreens, and I was greeted by a “we close in 5 minutes.” I turned around and walked out, never to go back.

I saw this sign on the wall of a Chinese restaurant in Greer, South Carolina:

Now, neither this sign nor the one on the TV at Beau Townsend Body Shop are that great looking. This one looks like a mug shot but it’s the thought and philosophy that count. We are in business to serve the client and if we let them know that in our words and, more importantly, by our actions, we are destined for success.

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